09 Feb2017

2016 Museum District Sales

2016 Museum District Single Family Sales

Museum District real estate is always interesting. Our market in 2016 was no exception with 2017 looking even more prosperous. In total there were 70 sales of Single Family homes in the museum district last year. The notorious lack of inventory has been driving prices up making it a great time to be a seller. The majority of sales were between 300 and about 550 with the average being about $400,000. There are notable exceptions with 2 houses on Grove Ave selling for over $1,000,000! Currently (2/9/2017) there are only 2 properties available for sale! If you are thinking about making a move call us now - don't wait till later in the spring! To see how this hot market impacts you and your Museum District real estate contact Chris Small or one of our associates today. 




and just to see how little inventory we have, 

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